Next Saturday, in Pescara, Italy, a big event with Miss Kittin and Gianluca De Tiberiis!

Next Saturday 25th of January, two appreciated Djs residents in Ibiza during summertime, Miss Kittin and Gianluca De Tiberiis, will play in Pescara (Italy)  at Padiglioni ex cofa!

Miss Kittin is an appreciated Dj and performer, and last sumemr played in Ibiza in several location and in shows as music on!

Gianluca De Tiberiis is an Italian Dj resident in Ibiza since many years and  has played several times at Space, Nuba and in many other prestigious locations!

Ibiza by night has had still a strong musical relation with Pescara, a cuty of central Italy where are still organized a lot of events connected to Ibiza!

So, if you are in that area, don’t miss this party!

Here you have the link to the event page on facebook:

And this is the poster of the party!


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