Today, Gloria Geseri presents:”Domingo solidario in can horse”

Today, starting form 14,00 gtill 17,30, Gloria Geseri presents:”Domingo solidario en can horse”, the weekly appontment in the beautiful atmosphere of Can horse.. with food and music.

The event is created to support the abandoned horses that were adopted by “Can horse” (in the picture below.. the area of Can horse.


This is the link to the event page on fb:

And this is what wrote Gloria Geseri as further details:

“We are on the Carretera to San Joan, km 14,5.
When you get to the turning for Can Dog (and you’ll see also our new sign!) instead of turning to the right, take the dirty road on the left, the one with a big pink stone on the ground.
Go straight on that road and follow the next signs until you’ll see the horses!
Contact us on 603108876 if needed! (english, espanol, italiano)”.

Have a great sunday!

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