Thursday, Sushipoint Ibiza “From dusk till dawn”, a night with Felix Da Funk, Jamie Porteous Bravofox and Chino Paino!

Next Thursday 21st of November, at Sushipoint ibiza will be celebrated an intriguing party…”From dusk till down”!

In consolle will play Felix De Funk, Jamie Porteous Palafox and Chino paino, for a night rich of surprises..with a sexy snake show!

Ibiza by night met Felix Da Funk (in the picture below) and he said: “The event series is a modified party-interpretation as Hommage to the Movie FROM DUSK TILL DAWN.A party with a great menu, live shows and above all a perfect music for the occasion by the hand of Bravofox & Felix Da Funk. This special event is by JAS Lifestyle Holding which I recommend to everyone for such exquisite environment that is created in Sushipoint Ibiza“.


Here you have the poster of the party with its complete program!

Are you ready for a night of great music, food and show?


Tonight.. Sirocco.. Mood up opening party!

Don’t forget tonight, starting at 21,30 at The Sirocco (Playa d’En Bossa” the opening party of Mood up, the party organized by Jonathan Roi and Sexy’n chic, with a free “Mediterranea aperitivo”

The line up of the night will include the top guest Cassius and Pablo Vega!

The entry is free only on guest list (send names to

And don’t forget.. from 4.00 till late..the after at Moma!

Here you have the poster of the event!

Ready for a great night?


Saturday, 16th of November, Mood up is back at Sirocco!

Next Saturday 16th of November,  till 4.00 a.m. Mood up returns to Sirocco (playa d’en Bossa) with a great Opening party!

Mood up, organized by Jonathan Roi and Sexynchic, is one of the best parties on the island and has still presented great line ups, with guests as Neverdogs or Christian Viviano!

During the night will play Cassius and Pablo Vega!

The program includes a “Free mediterranean aperitivo” till 23.30,  and the excellent restaurant of Sirocco will work from 21,30

The entrance is free but only on guest list.

To be included send the names  to :

And.. don’t forget.. after 4.00 a.m. the party continues at Moma (Playa d’en bossa, next Hotel Garvi) with many surprises!

This is the fb link to the event for further infos:

Here you have the poster of the party!


So… who says that in winter the nightlife in ibiza is quiet??????

Ibiza by night meets Rene Brunner! Soon a new guinness?

Rene Brunner is an appreciated Austrian Dj!

Starting next Sunday 17th of November, in the Lure of Hollywood, california, he will try to play 220 hours without no sleep for 220 hours!

it will be an hard challenge, but Rene (in the picture below) is strongly motivated.


Ibiza by night met Rene and talked with him about this new one adventure!

IBN: Explain us how you will play 220 hours? Which is the secret?

Brunner:”There is no secret. I love my job, and I love my music, having this DJ “life style” is everything to me. and I have all the energy  to set a new world record. It is only a matter of attitude, and mental balance“.

IBN: During this time which kind of music will you play?

Brunner:”I always try to convey my own sound with minimal, deep house, tech house, and some progressive tracks“.

 IBN:How did you prepare yourself for this new adventure?

Brunner: “Friday, I had one last gig at the Empire Club in Linz, Austria. This is my hometown club. I am getting my equipment ready for my trip to Los Angeles, checking out some new tracks, and trying to relax“.

IBN: Why you choosed Usa for this new adventure?

Brunner: “The USA, especially Los Angeles, is my second home. I love the people, and the EDM industry, and the USA is the base for all my projects worldwide“.

IBN: Who is helping you in your job?

Brunner: “Joachim Natschläger, my main sponsor from Austria, and owner of Empire Club, has helped me build Deejay DC from day 1. My manager Mardy Maghloubi is a very important person in my life. Mardy is the owner of Enhanced Nightlife, and has been through a few battles with this new world record project. Mardy coordinates all the logistical aspect of my world records, and my public relations. I also would like to thank Will Runzel, who is the talent buyer at Lure Nightclub, he will give me this opportunity to perform this year in Hollywood, California“.

IBN: In summer 2014 will you come to play in Ibiza?

 Brunner:”Yes we have a few requests from Spain: Barcelona, Seville, and we look forward to Ibiza, so hopefully Summer 2014, for a record of 260 hours!!!“. 

IBN: Do you have any special idea for your summer in ibiza.. will you try something new special?

Brunner:”I can well imagine to only set a new world record in Spain, by next year my first track should be mastered, so maybe I will release my track during my next world record attempt“.

So Rene..good luck for your new one adventure by all the team of Ibiza by night!

For further infos:

This is the official poster of the event!


La Troya in Ibiza: 25 years of success! Ibiza by night meets Karl Morin!

After 25 years La Troya is still  one of the most successful shows of Ibiza!

The magic formula? Trasgression, a show where  everything can happen, and excellent music..these are the ingredients of the cult event of wednesday night at Amnesia!

Also summer 2013 was a great season ..and Ibiza by night met Karl Morin (in the pictures below), manager of La Troya and since 25 soul of the show.. And we talked  about an unforgettable summer and about the new projects of the show!


IBN: La Troya and Ibiza.. how has gone the summer 2013?

Karl Morin:Summer 2013 has been a very good summer. We kept la Troya full every wednesday even with a slower start of the season in Ibiza, so we are happy”.

IBN:After 25 years La troya remains a successful show, which is the magical formula?

Karl Morin: “For us the magical formula is the people, our goal is to make la Troya a funny party. We always keep in mind why people like to go out,they want to have fun, they want to laugh and they want to communicate with their friends and that is always our goal for our party and also the magical formula…… if you want to call it this way….”.


IBN: In your show how much is important the musical aspect and how much is important the show?

Karl Morin: “For us it’s important our happy house sound and we built this sound with our resident DJ Oscar Colorado and Les Schmitz for years,they know perfectly how to make the perfect ambient for our party. Our show is also very important ,it is also based on people,every one has a special character and everyone is a unic character that evolve in the party and they are also very important for us”.

IBN:Your favourite episode of La Troya 2013 ? And why?

Karl Morin: “My favourite episode this summer has been Brasil party because Brasilio recreated perfectly the spirit of candomble that is an afrobrasilian religion… it has was really  a very special night…”.

IBN:La Troya and the winter time: after Ibiza..which are the projects for next months?

Karl Morin: “During winter time la Troya continue in the tour and like always it is very solicitaded. For halloween, as an example,  we had 3 partys on the same night. Amsterdam.London,many cities of Italy, France, Switzerland on every weekend we are booked in some cities of Europe check our facebook or webpage for info”.

Thanks a lot Karl! See you next summer in Ibiza!

For further infos :

And this is the link to the fan page on facebook:

This is the poster of the closing party of Summer 2013 in Ibiza!


Tonight…Pacha!! Housepital!

Tonight at Pacha it’s time for a new, amazzone party: Housepital!
For a special night the Pacha will present a list of excellent ‘music doctors’!!!
In consolle will play Dimitri Nakov, an appreciated dj that played in Ibiza many Times last summer with Sasha at the Ushuaia tower, Enric Ricone. B2b Danny Fernandez, Marien Novi, Ralfus and Carlos Jurado, which is also One of the most known event organizer in Ibiza’s winter’ s season!
Here you have the poster of the event!
If you are in Ibiza… This is a party not to miss!!!!