Ibiza by night meets Rene Brunner! Soon a new guinness?

Rene Brunner is an appreciated Austrian Dj!

Starting next Sunday 17th of November, in the Lure of Hollywood, california, he will try to play 220 hours without no sleep for 220 hours!

it will be an hard challenge, but Rene (in the picture below) is strongly motivated.


Ibiza by night met Rene and talked with him about this new one adventure!

IBN: Explain us how you will play 220 hours? Which is the secret?

Brunner:”There is no secret. I love my job, and I love my music, having this DJ “life style” is everything to me. and I have all the energy  to set a new world record. It is only a matter of attitude, and mental balance“.

IBN: During this time which kind of music will you play?

Brunner:”I always try to convey my own sound with minimal, deep house, tech house, and some progressive tracks“.

 IBN:How did you prepare yourself for this new adventure?

Brunner: “Friday, I had one last gig at the Empire Club in Linz, Austria. This is my hometown club. I am getting my equipment ready for my trip to Los Angeles, checking out some new tracks, and trying to relax“.

IBN: Why you choosed Usa for this new adventure?

Brunner: “The USA, especially Los Angeles, is my second home. I love the people, and the EDM industry, and the USA is the base for all my projects worldwide“.

IBN: Who is helping you in your job?

Brunner: “Joachim Natschläger, my main sponsor from Austria, and owner of Empire Club, has helped me build Deejay DC from day 1. My manager Mardy Maghloubi is a very important person in my life. Mardy is the owner of Enhanced Nightlife, and has been through a few battles with this new world record project. Mardy coordinates all the logistical aspect of my world records, and my public relations. I also would like to thank Will Runzel, who is the talent buyer at Lure Nightclub, he will give me this opportunity to perform this year in Hollywood, California“.

IBN: In summer 2014 will you come to play in Ibiza?

 Brunner:”Yes we have a few requests from Spain: Barcelona, Seville, and we look forward to Ibiza, so hopefully Summer 2014, for a record of 260 hours!!!“. 

IBN: Do you have any special idea for your summer in ibiza.. will you try something new special?

Brunner:”I can well imagine to only set a new world record in Spain, by next year my first track should be mastered, so maybe I will release my track during my next world record attempt“.

So Rene..good luck for your new one adventure by all the team of Ibiza by night!

For further infos:https://www.facebook.com/Deejay.DC.Official

This is the official poster of the event!