Ibiza Soulon: when Ibiza meets Berlin!

Next Thursday, starting at 21,00 Ibiza meets Berlin with “Ibiza soulon” at Solar berlin!, the amazing show  of Renè Goldman (an appreciated Dj that last sumemr played in many prestigious locations in Ibiza, including el Hotel Pacha with Joan Ribas).

Ibiza by night interviewed Renè Goldman!

IBN: Renè how was your summer 2013?

Goldman:This summer i have opened with wonderful deep house sounds with wondeful guest all over the world in my Berlin skylounge solar. The construction for the bridge from Berlin to Ibiza i could deepen with my contact to the new Radio Ibizaliveradio and meet DJ Friends from USA and Eivissa. Continue to i could play my Ibizasoulon deep house sound with my Eivissa DJ friend Joan Ribas in El Hotel Pacha. The summer 2013 was very successful for me.

Ibn: Autumn winter 2013…tell us something about the project Ibizasoulon….

Goldman: In the winter my Project Ibizasoulon is the first music part for all Ibiza deep House Junkees in Berlin city. I regularly connected with www.Ibizaliveradio.com and they play my new deep house mixes. The next Ibizasoulon session are on 7th november 2013 in Berlin city in www.solarberlin.com. The solar is a skylounge with a exclusive restaurant in the 16.floor and a glasslounge in the 17th floor in the sky from Berlin. In the next wintertime i meet my international and national friends to advise about deep house Events in Germany and Ibiza.

Ibn: You’ll work just in Berlin or do you plan also sets around europe?

Goldman: In the future i planned to expand my deep house contacts. My project Ibizasoulon planing currently only events in Germany and Ibiza. The merge from my deep house dj friends and organizer is very important for me. The soul of deep house connects! This is my message, my real Berlin-Ibiza Bridge

Thanks Rene’…and this is the poster of the event!

For more infos: http://www.ibizasoulon.com and http://www.solarberlin.com


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