Ibiza by night presents: Gloria Geseri and Can horse!

Can Horse, in Ibiza, is a new, interesting, project dedicated to the horses but not only to the horses.

It was created by Gloria Geseri, a well known and respected event organizer in Ibiza (she created also the breand Rewind after tea party).

Ibiza by night met Gloria Geseri to talk about Can horse!

IBN: Gloria how did you decide to start this project?

Gloria Geseri: One year ago I adopted the first two horses. They were ex trotter, once used for races.. 

After six months I came to know from the previous owner that when the racehorses are not useful anymore for the competitions most of the times they are sent to the slaughterhouse.

At that moment I started a research on the situation of the horses in Ibiza.. I always helped dogs and cats, but someone officially taking care of horses and rescuing them still didn’t exist, exept Karen Sailer with Duo Horse.

So I met Karen and we began to cooperate: Campero arrived in february, he was abandoned in a finca in San Rafael; then Allegria, she escaped from the house where she was mistreated and we let her stay with us. At that point with my neighbours we thought that it would have been really great to create an asociacion to protect abandoned and abused horses. 

We inaugurated Can Horse in June!

 logo def can horse

IBN: How it works?

Gloria Geseri: We rescue the horses thanks to the help of the people who informs us about any sort of mistreatment or abuse, we take care of the rehabilitation and when they are ready to be adopted we look for a new house for them. 

Normally they stay with us for 4/6 months, during that period people can support and sponsor a horse with 10 euros a month and come and help with the daily activities and training.

The asociation for the members also organizes free workshops to let everybody approach to this world of the horses. Everybody can become a member with just 20 euros per year.


IBN:  you and your horses work also with kids with health problems?

Gloria Geseri: It’s our plan to do it, but at the moment we are still looking for valuable therapists to cooperate with us, being professional is very important in therapies.


 IBN: which are your future projects?

Gloria Geseri:We already have a group of horses for the rides who come from the rehabilitation and are used only for that.Every Sunday it’s family day, parents can come with children and with a donation they can have a ride on our horsesWe are looking for more people to get involved in the project, more volunteers and donations are welcome.

Compliments to Gloria Geseri.. and these are the contacts fo Can Horse!

email canhorseibiza@gmail.com
Tel. +34665905342

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