Ibiza by night meets Viktors Buda and Ibiza Life!

Ibiza by night meets Viktor Buda, music journalist and editor with more than 10 years of experience for magazine like Flash, Dj mag, Dub Ibiza and many others

Viktor (in the picture below) is an editor and one of the founder of “Ibiza life”, a magazine in English and Russian dedicated to Ibiza.

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 IBN: Ibiza life is a magazine in English and Russian dedicate to Ibiza…Explain to us the project of your review…

Viktor :“From just an idea a year ago, it’s been a wild journey to see the
first magazine done this season. I never imagined we would have this
first issue ready by now because we started from zero. Our goal was to
create a bilingual magazine, a new media way which can be interesting
also for Russians more than any other magazines in Ibiza, however big
or glam it looks. I would like to thank all my friends and everyone
else who has supported our work over the last year. Action is the key
to change!”


IBN: Russia and Ibiza.. how is the relationship and why Russians love the magic island?

Viktor: “I am convinced that the Russians love the island as well as others,
nationality is irrelevant here. Just in recent years for the Russians
Ibiza has become more accessible. And as we know Ibiza is not just a
island. Everyone who leave will be changed forever”.

IBN: Why Ibiza Life?

Viktor: “We have chosen a log under certain things: the quality in the environment in which we live. It seems to me that it’s happened. Any person today can read many glossy magazines.

But the kind of genre you as the reader
does not lead anywhere, it does not extend the limits of human
thought, and does not reflect on the value of things. We focused on
the content and texts. Of course, the magazine language probably is
far from standardized texts and in any form. Each of us has its own
language in which we communicate. The Ibiza Life is ours. However,
whatever language we speak, we need to maintain and expand it. DJs
also has its own language. And so is the music. And be able to speak
the beautiful language. In general, it is necessary to rejoice. We
need to try to be happy. The magazine will be about how to feel happy!”.

IBN : Do you think that the presence of Russian community will
increase next years and if yes why?

Viktor:” There is not any particular reasons why the Russian tourists growth is so evident in Ibiza over the last two years. In the past, the Russians
getting to Ibiza was a mystery to all. Now the visa regime between
Spain and Russia had become friendly. Schengen area has played a big
role as well. Tourism departments facts proves, The number of Russians
who visited Ibiza during the last year has increased by double digits.
Infrastructure between Russia and Ibiza has improved. Today’s

IBN:Summer 2013.. your opinion and balance about Ibiza

Viktor:“We know Ibiza became one of the most fashionable destinations over the
last years. In the sense of changes a progress driven by the power of
money has turned into a monstrosity. Here I can quote one of our
magazines heros – Today all of this resembles an amusement park. But
on the whole thing I am looking very philosophical. Musically very
delighted that alongside huge mainstream popularity, while the island
of progressing in the opposite musical front. It can hardly be
described as underground direction but see Music On, Enter or
Circoloco measures the popularity of the island was particularly
pleasing to the general musical context. Тendences become common to

IBN: Your future projects

Viktor: “Releasing magazine in Ibiza is a big acknowledge. It Takes time and
patienc . For the Ibiza I’m a little superstitious. Time will show “.

Thanks Viktor!

For more infos:https://www.facebook.com/ibizaliferu