A special thanks!!!

Summer 2013 has finished! It was a great summer, and if the summer was epic it was because of Ibiza by night had a great team of friends and brothers!

So, it’s time to say thank you to many special friends!

Let’s start with “The professor” Rafa De Siria, my websister “the princess “ Benedicte Gauthier, the team of Amnesia, Jesus Sierra, Katie Hayley Knight and Aitor Contreras Navarro, “ladypress” Guadalupe Revuelta, Remy Arroyo from Fiesta Group, the sweet Pat Quintero of Privilege’s team! Then the family  of Music on .. Ernesto Senatore, Roberto Postiglione  e Luca Piccolo, and, still of the of Music on.. the great Davide Avallone and Carolina Acosta, Fabio Addimandi, Gilberto Balocco, Marco Yanes, Imma and Angelo Scarano, Annapaola Infante, Chiara Restucci, Antonio Postiglione,  super  Nacho Capella, Leon and Marc Antona, Tsinami Cruz, Giulia Courtney, Eleonora Caselli, Emma Cortes (lady a bonne intendeur..) the super Maria Acevedo and Noe Lia, plus the magic sisters Raffaella Postiglione and Michela Postiglione, ..and Mimmo Addimandi, Viviana Addimandi, Noemi Avallone.. and then.. Edu Clarà from Space! But the list continues with my bros Neverdogs: Tommy Paone and Marco, Nathan Barato, Luca Paone.. plus two people that I really consider brothers.. Ivan Terrenzio and Fabio Terrenzio … and what about Papa Jean? A living legend! and then a special hug to the team of Makkeroni.. Stefano Nicolini & lady Nicolini, Pio the magical chef and all the staff!

Thanks to La Troya and to Karl Morin!

A hug to Ibiza Global radio team! Josè Maria Ramon, David Moreno, Toni Moreno e Miguel Garji!

In summer 2013 was a pleasure to work with Christian Dori and the team of N & D magazine!

It’s a long list, because summer in Ibiza is a summer of a great family..so a big hug to Daniela Biagetti, Naiara Tekila, Alfredo Magrini and his family, Dana Carvezo, Gloria Geseri,  Caterina Bianchi di Vigny, Princesca Vigneri, Valentina Faye, Maxi en Ibiza, Francesco Silenzio, Alex Kennon and Baby Marcelo, Ximena De Leon, Federica Cencig, Michela Pedretti and Romeo Lorenzo Piatti.. without forgetting two special bros.. Gianluca De Tiberiis and Gaty Lopez..  Thanks also to Jonathan Roi.. ready for new adventures!

I don’t want to forget the Spanish family!  Starting from “the master” Joan Ribas, and then “super” Alex Andre, Mariano Somoza,  John Ferrer & Versus party project,  Jordi Tur, Joel Yern, Kike Lopez, Efrain Navarro, La Skimal,  Jey Indahouse, Jose Luis Cruz Serrano!

And then we wish to say thank you to Nassau family!

Summer 2013 was great also thanking to Dazzla Ding and Ugne, Domenico Ruggeri, Imma Tarragò Molina, Franco Moiraghi, Emiliano Rendina, Andrea Decuzzi, “the creator”,  Giovanni Cirillo (w Napoli)  Mayerlin Benitez, Sylvia Operè, Diana Ban, Valerio Avella, Cristian Viviano, Carmen Valero,  Margarita Vita,  Fernando Pablo Link, Andrea Pop Naif, Emelian Kovalenko and Viktor Buda.

During  summer 2013 we met also new precious friends..  Marco Marzano and Raffaele Scognamiglio with Gianni Callipari and Andrea Oliva!

And what about bros like Matteo Bon Vivant and Luckybro and International brothers?

And we won’t forget some friends ouside ibiza that are still with us.. Natasha Ibiza, Giovanni isla on, Elisa Paonne, Cesare Cinquina,  Rene Goldman, Eran Lump, EttoreEnnetielle, Matteo Sacco, Ntl,Filippo Mexico, Daniela Piani,  Ernesto Ranni, Claudio Di Tullio, Francesco fra nove, Chiara Masciulli and Francesca Di Berardino!

Surely we forgot someone… but.. you are all in our heart… because of Ibiza by night is a great family and love you all!

And, at the end, we want to remember Daniele Trezza.. Daniele even if you left us you will still remain in our heart!