Music on! The closing party!

Tonight, at Amnesia, will be celebrated the closing party of Music on!

The show of marco carola and friends confirmed itself as one of the best shows of Ibiza also in summer 2013!

For the final party will play a top line up!

In the club room will play mar-T, Nick fanciulli and Joseph capriati!

In the terrace the final night will have the soundtrack of Leon, Marc Antona and, of course, Marco Carola.

This is the poster of the event!


And then, after Amnesia, don’t forget the Open Air party.. aT Cova Santa.. with Leon, Marc Antona, Joseph Capriati and Marco carola!… Are you ready for 24 hours of unforgettable music?  See you Music on and thank you for the great season 2013!


A special hug to all the team of Music on… Ernesto Senatore, Roberto Postiglione, Luca Music On,  Fabio Addimandi, Davide Avallone, Raffaella Postiglione and Michela Postiglione, Marco Yanes, Maria Acevedo, Viviana Addimandi, Noemi Avallone, Angelo and Imma Scarano, Noe Lia, a special  hug to Nacho Cappella, Neverdogs (Tommy and Marco )  Emma Cortes, Sara GAlan, Giulia Courtney, Eleonora, Tsinami, Salva  and all the team!!!!

For more infos:

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