Happy birthday Pacha brand!

Today will be celebrated the 46th anniversary of Pacha’s brand!

The two cherries are not only a logo, are a symbol of lifestyle, a symbol of Ibiza that become a cult worldwide!

Pacha means nightclubbing with style and elegance..and the logo is an essential part of pacha’s style!

So.. Happy birthday Pacha brand!

Tonight the event will be celebrated with a private party and a dinner.. that’s expected very glamour!

Here is the poster for the anniversary!


Tonight la Troya presents: Babilonia!

It’s wednesday, is time for La Troya!

The glamour and trasgressive show created by Brasilio tonight presents..Babilonia, a special night dedicated to the legendary city of Middle east..a city where every trasgression was possible…

Karl Morin, manager of La Troya (in the picture below), says to Ibiza by night:”Well the party this week is a classic of La Troya. It’s a party that Brasillio started¬†in Ku many years ago (the Ku is the actual privilege…) ¬†there is a big show that Manuel paralo organisse every year..you have to see it.. prepare for the apothesis!” .


Djs of the night will be Oscar Colorado and Les Schmitz!

Here you have the poster of the event!

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