Ibiza by night meets Carlo Lio! The interview!

Carlo Lio, canadian Dj and producer, is an appreciated Dj that works in Ibiza, during summertime, since many years!

Carlo Lio (in the picture below) has been on a steady rise as one of the most in-demand adherents of tech-groove house. Lio is to equal extent a DJ and a producer, dividing his time between the booth and the studio with an intense rhythm. His long series of recent productions speak by theirself: in the last weeks Lio has launched on Saved Record an EP called What It is.


Last September 3rd released My Thang on Mindshake, Paco Osuna’s label. Before the month ends will launch a collaboration with The Junkies on MOOD Records and one of the most special album of the year, Versus by John Digweed and Nick Muir, coming next October, include a Carlo Lio’s remix: Infinity Road. He’s definitely is one of the producer of the moment and a DJ called to play all over the world equally Europe than USA and South America.

Carlo Lio ends the summer and knick off the fall with a massive series of new releases that include Bedrock, Mindshake, Mood Records and Saved that allow to say he’s one of the first producer in the game nowadays.

Ibiza by night interviewed Carlo, and it was an opportunity to talk about his relationship with Ibiza and the future projects!

Ibn-: So Carlo, how was your summer in Ibiza, and why did u decide to spend the summer here? 

Carlo Lio: The summer has been great so far! I’ve always wanted to spend sometime in Ibiza, so I thought this year would be good since I played quite often.

Ibn: Are many years that you work in the island, how is your relationship with the island? And talking about your sets, which one was your preferred set in this summer?

Carlo Lio: Well compared to many artists on the island I have not been playing for that long. Only since 2010. But I have been visiting much longer. So my relationship is definitely very deep. I love everything about Ibiza, the island itself, the people and of course the vibe. So I really do feel super comfortable there. I think my favorite set from the island this summer was playing at Space for Carl Cox’s Night. Was def the best time I had at space over the years. 


Ibn: You played everywhere in Ibiza, which is your favorite location on the island, and why?

Carlo Lio: Well it’s always very hard to pick just one because they are all so good. But I will have to say Space and Amnesia. The reason is I have never really had a bad time at either of these clubs. I always expect the best and that what I always get in return.

Ibn: Your future projects for next months

Carlo Lio: This week I have just had a release on Paco Osuna’s Mindshake Records.

On september 23rd I will have another EP released on Nicole Moudaber’s label MOOD. This is a collaboration project with “The Junkies”. First week of October I have a remix of John Digweed & Nick Muir on Bedrock as well as an EP on Bedrock in November.  I think that it for the next couple months.

Thanks Carlo! And a special thanks to Guadalupe Revuelta (Ladypress : http://www.ladypress.wordpress.com ) for the support!

For more infos about Carlo Lio: http://www.djcarlolio.com and here you have the link for two mixclouds of Carlo Lio, one for Music on and the second a video of  Carl Cox!



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