La Troya tonight at Amnesia… are you ready for “El templo del amor”?

Tonight, at Amnesia, will be celebrated a new episode of “La Troya”  the coolest show of Wednesday night! La Troya is a show that since many years mixes good music, performances, super guests (this summer played many times Boy George) and trasgression…

Each week there is a different party and each week there is something new to discover! The theme for tonight is … “The little chapel of love”..a name that’s already a program!

Ibiza by night met Karl Morin, manager of La troya (in the picture below) and he said: “So this week you have to be prepare to get married,it is the day for love.It is a classic of la Troya that everybody like,I know quite a few people that after getting married in la troya they really found love in their life and they are still together so who knows maybe you’ll find the love of your life next wednesday“..


So… on these premises, are you ready for a great night of music, performances and trasgression?

This is the poster of the event!

Dj residents will be Oscar Colorado and Les Schmitz!

For further infos and costs:



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