Andrea not a Dj!

Andrea Decuzzi is a young Italian creative and producer..

His last creations were the fashion T-shirt “Sorry I’m Not a dj” that has become a cult t-shirt for many important djs, and also for his mini-spoons!

Ibiza by night met him for an interview and to make a balance of Summer 2013!


IBN: So, Andrea, how was your summer 2013 in Ibiza?

The success of these months spent in Ibiza is related to what I have done for my brand in the past 3 years. I’ve created an object of design, SPOON MY, which is well known on the island, but I felt the need to express my creativity and my ideas in different ways. This is how SORRY I’M NOT A DEEJAY tshirt was born.
The slogan meant to be ironic and critical message for DJs and the world of electronic music. Also wants to be a reflection on who can be defined as such.
I attend and am friend of all the best DJs in the world, when I showed them the tshirt liked the idea so much that they began to wear it during their events.

IBN: Tell us a name of some important Djs that weared it!

Seth Troxler and Renè were the first to wore it during a Circoloco event.
Then a lot of Top DJs such as Maceo Plex, Skream, Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Thungfucker, Claudio Coccoluto, Supernova, Leon, Alex Picone, Giovanni Verrina, Giorgio Roma, Tini, until Ricardo Villalobos at Cocoon opening (in the picture).


IBN:What about the future projects?

This year has been very challenging for me, the launch of the tshirt and the creation of SPOON MY IBIZA.
I feel very inspired and I have many ideas to be realized, I am experiencing a time of great creativity.
Among the upcoming projects is definitely a SPOON MY PARTY in Florence. An electronic music event, a show, a workshop.. A party concept that goes beyond the usual sense of celebration. For the occasion I will present the new SPOON MY Tshirt.

Thanks Andrea!
For more infos:

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