Gianni Callipari! The new sound of Ibiza!

Today Ibiza by night meets Gianni Callipari, an  appreciated young Italo-Swiss Dj based in Basel that has already played many times in Ibiza at Ushuaia and Booom(and tomorrow will play at Booom for Cadenza Vagabundos!).

It’s an opportunity to discuss with Gianni about Ibiza and his new projects!


IBN: Gianni Callipari and Ibiza.. how is your relation with the Island.. how do you feel here?

Callipari: Ibiza is an amazing island, here is where I am getting inspired the most… I am really enjoying my time here..

IBN: How has gone your summer 2013 in Ibiza..and how will continue?

Callipari: The season in Ibiza started very well and I am very happy  to get all the support from cadenza! I had the opportunity  to play with vagabundos with Luciano and friends at Ushuaia..and it was a great honor for me!

IBN: After Ibiza..which are your projects for next months?

Callipari: As soon as the season is over I am heading back to switzerland where I will continue my residency at nordstern club in Basel and I really wanna put  all my focus in productions so we can have a better Ibiza in 2014! You can expect new tracks  from me very soon…see you around the island! Ciao!

And don’t forget.. Gianni will play tomorrow at Booom… this is the poster of the event!


2 thoughts on “Gianni Callipari! The new sound of Ibiza!

  1. Gianni is a brilliant artist , love ur music yeahya , bring the bling for your fling. in ibiza to giza

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