Siffredi v/s Vidal at Privilege tonight! Ibiza by night interviews Rocco Siffredi!

Tonight, at Privilege, will be celebrated Ferragosto Erotiko, with a big match between Rocco Siffredi (Rocco Balboa for one night) V/s Nacho Vidal!..a night that will be rich of surprises and with a special choreography!!!

This is the poster of the event!


Yesterday, during the press conference, Ibiza by night met Rocco Siffredi! also this year do you return in Ibiza..Is a special love with the island?

Siffredi:Yes it is..also this year.. like all the year.. last year was the espuma party..this year the promoter decided to organize this funny thing.. Rocco V/s Nacho… Nacho V/s Rocco..this is too much!

IBN: This is a game between two famous pornostar  until the end..

Siffredi:The most important thing is that people have fun.. first of all I never made this kind of show in all my i don’t know how to do it.. (laughts)… and second my purpose is to stay with my fans, stay with them, have fun with them! So tomorrow (today) I am sure we have a lot of fun..nacho said he will bring six, seven…

IBN: Rocco Siffredi and is your relationship with the magic island?

Siffredi: It’s a great relation..I came here 28 years ago with a German producer.. There was anything..Just a small disco called Pacha… after that I came back many times..I really like Ibiza because of is the place everything it’s possible..for example the show of tonight could happen just in Ibiza..that’s what for I love this island..

IBN: Last question.. your projects for next months?

Siffredi: Well my projects are very difficult..after many years where I had to send my blood down (laughts),I have to send my blood up to my brain because of I will have for two months a show where I will be the conductor, I will meet people with problems with for me it will be very funny, it will be a new experience but it ill give me a lot of stress too..But I feel ready!

Thanks Rocco! And see you tonight!

For further infos:

A special thanks to Pat Quintero and Guadalupe Revuelta (Ladypress) for the support!

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