Siffredi v/s Vidal at Privilege tonight! Ibiza by night interviews Rocco Siffredi!

Tonight, at Privilege, will be celebrated Ferragosto Erotiko, with a big match between Rocco Siffredi (Rocco Balboa for one night) V/s Nacho Vidal!..a night that will be rich of surprises and with a special choreography!!!

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Yesterday, during the press conference, Ibiza by night met Rocco Siffredi! also this year do you return in Ibiza..Is a special love with the island?

Siffredi:Yes it is..also this year.. like all the year.. last year was the espuma party..this year the promoter decided to organize this funny thing.. Rocco V/s Nacho… Nacho V/s Rocco..this is too much!

IBN: This is a game between two famous pornostar  until the end..

Siffredi:The most important thing is that people have fun.. first of all I never made this kind of show in all my i don’t know how to do it.. (laughts)… and second my purpose is to stay with my fans, stay with them, have fun with them! So tomorrow (today) I am sure we have a lot of fun..nacho said he will bring six, seven…

IBN: Rocco Siffredi and is your relationship with the magic island?

Siffredi: It’s a great relation..I came here 28 years ago with a German producer.. There was anything..Just a small disco called Pacha… after that I came back many times..I really like Ibiza because of is the place everything it’s possible..for example the show of tonight could happen just in Ibiza..that’s what for I love this island..

IBN: Last question.. your projects for next months?

Siffredi: Well my projects are very difficult..after many years where I had to send my blood down (laughts),I have to send my blood up to my brain because of I will have for two months a show where I will be the conductor, I will meet people with problems with for me it will be very funny, it will be a new experience but it ill give me a lot of stress too..But I feel ready!

Thanks Rocco! And see you tonight!

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A special thanks to Pat Quintero and Guadalupe Revuelta (Ladypress) for the support!

Richie Hawtin is back at Space tonight!

Richie Hawtin returns at Space!

Enter, the cult show of Thursday night is back at Space Ibiza!

Tonight the line-up will include Richie Hawtin, Grimes (Dj),  Marcel Dettmann B2b Ben Clock (an intriguing b2b!!),  two  of the best ladies Dj.. Maya Jane Coles and Nina Kravitz …

In consolle will play also Azari & III, Ambivalent, TM40 (live), South London Ordanance and Miles Whittataker!

Dont’ forget.. Enter has also a magical Sake bar from 9.30 p.m.. Minus special.. Gaiser vs Matador, Hito Hobo!

The night will include also some Sake tastings with Richie Hawtin starting at 10 p.m….

Enter – week after week- has became the best music show of Thursday night,  a night where it’s possible to hear  the  the most intriguing sound of the island every Thursday!

Are you ready for a great night of music?

Ah…don’t forget…last week Richie Hawtin was at 8.00 pm at Delano beach club in Playa d’en Bossa offering Sake and taking a lot of pictures with his fans…  let’s see where will be tonight Richie ;))) There is something in the air….

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Used + abused at Ushuaia!

Today, starting at 4 p.m. until midnight Used + abused is back at Ushuaia!

The amazing show of Loco Dice and friends returns with an excellent line up!

With loco Dice will play Dj Sneak, Nightmares on wax Dj set and Hector!

Used +  abused, week by week, has become the cult show of Thursday evening and the best way to start the night!

Are you ready for a great show? And the supervision is by Ivan Terrenzio!

This is the poster of the event!


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