La Troya at Amnesia! Bacanal time!

It’s Wednesday.. and La Troya is back at Amnesia!

One of the most successful shows of the last years in Ibiza returns tonight with a new party: Bachanal en la Roma imperial!

In the ancient Rome Bachanal was a propitiatory party.. that had still a great final with an orgy……

Now the Bachanal will be celebrated in the heart of Ibiza.. in the most glamour and trasgressive  party of the island.. so be ready for a night where everything could happen!

Resident Dj will be Oscar Colorado and Les Shmitz! Vocals by Kriss Malavaka!

Here you have the poster of the event!


For further infos:

Meanwhile, in the other room of Amnesia, will be celebrated “Foam and diamonds”, the glamour show with Paris Hilton!

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