Wednesday! La Troya at Amnesia!

It’s wednesday, it’s time of “La Troya”

The trasgressive show created by Brasilio, that since years is one of the icon of Ibiza’s nightlife  returns at Amnesia  with a new one episode.

This week the show is named: “Brasil Bahia”..

The night will be celebrated with dancers,  amazing performances..but..also  an intriguing program… “Candomble’, Santeria, Macumba, Umbanda” plus “Un homenaje a Nelson Mandela y Mae Meninha do gantua”..

What will happen tonight? Let’s go and let’s discover…. you can imagine..the night at Amnesia will be absolutely unforgettable…

The Troya is back!

Here you have the poster of the event!

For more infos:


In the other room of the Amnesia will be also celebrated “fashion and diamond” with the guest star Paris Hilton!

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