Ibiza by night lands in Sardinia!

Ibiza by night, for the first time,  will support an event the next 3rd of August In Sardinia, Italy!

We are proud to meet Dj Ennetielle NTL, organizer of the event, that involved Ibiza by night in this elegant and unconventional project.

Dj Ennetielle NTL explains the project:”In the beautiful surroundings of the Domus de Janas, looking over the village of Mores from Mount Lachesos, on August the 3rd from midnight, Fairies World – Il mondo delle Fate, will launch its very first event, a magical night of music, between unknown worlds, wrapped up in mystery. Fantastical worlds where legends of gnomes, elfs and fairies, will take you on an incredible journey of beats and notes! Suspended worlds in time, without borders! Are you ready to dive in and explore our Fairies’ World? PS Feel free to wear your themed costumes!”.

Are you ready to enter into the magic world of Faires?

This is the poster of the event!


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