Rewind and Gloria Geseri are back for an unforgettable Carnaval!

Saturday 16th of February, starting at 21,00 at El Clodenis Ibiza, the party “Rewind” will be back!

For the fourth anniversary of the show  Gloria Geseri -organized of the event -will present  an unforgettable fiesta …. Ibiza meets Venice…a masquerade party… with the sound of Miguel Garji,  winner as best radio show at Vicious Music Awards 2012, and also Thomas Gioia and Jack Steinel.

The artwork of the night will be by Cristina Sanfelice.

But now let’s start to discover some secrets of the party… and the best way to do it is to talk to Gloria Geseri….  a great friend of Ibiza by night


Gloria Geseri, artist , dancer and performer since 15 years in Ibiza (she has worked in legendary shows as the Zenith party, Manumission, La Troya…and in movies as “Amnesia”) says about the party: “With rewind party we have two scores.. firstly find the original soul and spirit of Ibiza..and then have a lot of fun in an atmosphere rich of unforgettable surprises…who will come to this rewind party will remember it…..“.

And during the night- as says Gloria Geseri- will be presented a new interesting project:” We have a very important purpose with this 4th Anniversary.. to inform about ‘ Alegria horse…..’ Taking care of horses mistreatment and recovering horses in our island“.

So.. ready for a night absolutely unconventional?

This is the poster of the event


For further informations this is the link on facebook of the page of the event

So dear friends…have fun!