Ibiza by night & friends: Joan Ribas

When I decided to create “Ibiza by night” i didn’t want  to realize just a “party calendar”, but I wanted also to create  a community of friends, with their stories, profiles,projects and musical esperiences.

The first friend that I meet  is  Joan Ribas, a dj with over 30 years of career in Ibiza.

The music history of Joan Ribas is very long… he worked  15 years as Dj in the Pacha, many years as radio Dj and played all around the world.

Joan lives in Ibiza all year round, and actually is the resident dj at Pacha Hotel Ibiza and, during the summer,  plays also at Cafè del mar, in San Antonio.

Joan created also a web site and an interesting musical project: www.ibizasoulstice.com …. Music “a la carte”, and,  as told Joan…is a way to enter  in Dj’s era 2.0, a way to mix fashion, music and sound avantgarde   ….but I’ll talk soon about it…..


He also won many awards, including  the 2010 “best set in lounge bar “from dj Mag: a musical session of Joan Ribas is a complete experience, with music of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, funky, disco music, jazz….. without forgetting his production with  Milesart Orchestra…

I met Joan in Ibiza, during the winter and after the fabolous summer 2011…and he explained  me his  idea of Ibiza when tha big parties are over……:”Ibiza in winter  is a quite place- he said- There are just a few clubs open, It’s perfect to relax and to appreciate the island…

A fast relax just waiting for summer 2012?