Party calendar in Ibiza for next days….

Hi friends,

here you have a list  of parties  in Ibiza in these days…


Sushipoint Ibiza: “We love sushi – dia de San Valentin”.  A special menu, and dj’s sets from 21,00 till 3,00.  In consolle: Mariano Grande and  Abel Pons


Bubbles Ibiza: Bordello Deluxe  @ Bubbles Ibiza from midnight till 6.00.

Music by Andrea Aureli till 3.00 and from Nano Vergel from 3.00 till 6.00


Bubbles Ibiza: Deep Houseworld bizarre and Fernando Pablo Link presents a show with Dj Mariano Somoza & Stefano Gemini, from 23,30 until 6,00.


Sushipoint Ibiza : music by Dj Iban Mendoza,  from 23,30 until ,00

Lola’s :  The Gang! With  Willy Debeat- Kidgroove. Sosa Ibiza-Ivan Gomez b2b Delasuitte, from midnight till …..the closing

Tomorrow I will tell you the party calendar for saturday the 18 of february! And soon I’ll publish also an interview….Ciao and happy s.Valentine’s day!!!

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